Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the dam...

Paul Bocko, our wonderful, energetic curriculum-coordinator had our staff engaged in a multi-day dam building exercise. Using foundations of inquiry, we broke into teams and designed a dam for a standard 5 gallon fish tank, built it and then revised it based on our initial results.
Today was the final day and each group was tasked with presenting their revisions. Well, in a very short amount of time our staff created presentations that just WOWed us! The 5/6 team created a lovely iMovie complete with music and explanations. They even scanned in a drawing of their design. The 3/4 team also used iMovie and provided us with a vision of an appealing dam and recreational area. The k-2 team used powerpoint to explain their project and the elements of the design. Our group used a combination of Google sketchup and the document camera to share our design.We were so proud of our teachers! This was spontaneous. Technology was second nature to them. They executed independently. The choices of presentation tools really fit well with the intention of the sharing session. In the words of Mr. Mahler, "We use technology, we don't have technology." It was a really nice showing of the gains we have all made this year.

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