Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday, May 13th 2011


How I used technology today:
1. Did the Biggest Loser Cardio DVD (ok-it's old school but still technology!)
2. Checked my email
3. Checked my Twitter feed to see where my daughter was on her way home from college.
4. Check my RSS feeds on iGoogle
5. Checked in books using the online circ/cat (Destiny)
6.Received my daily to do list via email.
7. Used Photobooth with a student to record him reading a book.
8. Used the Photobooth clips to create an iMovie.
9. Used to create talking avatars to introduce the Paul Revere lesson with 5/6
10. Embedded the vokis on the wiki pathfinder.
11. Showed two clips from Youtube to the 5/6: an excellent reenactment of the ride and a Schoolhouse Rock Clip.
12. Accessed the NEH Picturing America website to show the class a painting.
13.Used iMovie with grade 4 to create regional tours of the U.S.
14. Checked email
15. Checked to see how the results were coming in on the PD survey.
16. Checked out books to students using Destiny
17. Took digital photos of kindergarten and downloaded them to iPhoto
18.Renewed ILL books online through CWMARS
19. Ordered a video online at
20. Texted my daughter for her ETA
21. Checked Facebook.
22. Heated leftovers with microwave :>)

I had to think really hard about this. The technology thread is woven very deeply and is now part of the fabric of my day. I don't smile and declare "I just made a Voki!" as often as I used to--it is just a part of the flow. The novelty is worn off and the tools, which I really enjoy using, are just part of the equipment I need to do my job and live my life.

What was joyful this week was to see that the same thing is starting to happen with our staff. There is still the joy in successfully using a tool for the first time, but it is quickly being woven into their personal arsenal of tools--to be pulled out when the job requires it. They are amazing!

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