Saturday, December 18, 2010

Strike up the iPads

Vimeo is also a great site for videos. Sounds of the season, played on some our favorite tools:

North Point's iBand from North Point Web on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A fave

This is a favorite--students love it and it really sticks with you. I've found that kids enjoy the Dewey Decimal System--it's fun, it makes sense and it organizes your world. Rock on Melvil!

Using Video in the LC

I haven't had much luck with Watchknow finding subjects related to information literacy. I'm sure there is a lot there for teachers of other subjects, but what I looked at seemed a bit dated and lack-luster. I find the interface cumbersome. I want new and shiny. Off to YouTube for me! There is so much available (for free!) that it is just hard to believe. I use it to find book trailers, author interviews, and info lit topics. Tons of curriculum content as well.
I'm a fan of TED--amazing and inspiring videos for personal growth and professional development.

I've found a short video to be a great way to kick off class. Sometimes after reading a story, I'll share an author interview with students. I think video is really an integral tool in the toolkit.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Google Docs

This week's DLC was a great reminder for me to use Google Docs. They are just so handy when you work on two machines, eliminating the need to email yourself or use a flashdrive. This week I created a Google spreadsheet to track my staff's participation in the DLCs. Quick and easy and there when I need it.

I've used the docs previously in my grad coursework. Classmates used them to compile collaborative library policies and procedures. We also used them for research projects. I think they work very well for that purpose.

I'm hoping that this little taste will whet the appetites of staff and we can use them a bit more instead of firing emails back and forth. I always get lost in the crossfire.