Tuesday, January 18, 2011


One area where technology seems to have just turned the corner is with e-readers. The holiday season seems to have really put them into the mainstream. Kindles, Nooks and iPads - most everyone knows someone now that uses one.

The reports on reading behaviors and technology are interesting. I've read one study that shows boys are more interested in reading when it involves technology. Surely a strategy for reluctant readers. I'm currently working on a grant application to purchase e-readers and other alternate reading devices like Playaways for the library. The success of the iPods in providing access to audiobooks has been huge.

It is a great time to be a librarian. (Ok, anytime is a great time to be a librarian, but we have really cool toys now.)

Tech Time vs. Report Cards

Since early December we have not been able to hold our regular Wednesday Tech Time workshops. We had an Artist-in-Residence that took most of our attention last month, along with ELA assessment training. And now...report card writing.

DLC participation seems to be closely tied to Tech Time. Teachers really want the additional support as they branch out and try something new. They report that they miss Tech Time and are anxious to get back at it. Me too!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'm feeling energized after today's job-alike workshops. I was fortunate to work with Rob Lord on the Photobooth/iPhoto session. I had the fun job--to introduce Photobooth, provide some ideas on using it in the classroom and then letting teachers loose to try it out. Like a photobooth at a carnival, we were amused by the effects and different backgrounds available.
Rob followed with a wonderful introduction to iPhoto. He had a nicely detailed step-by-step handout that will be a valuable resource. Although I've used iPhoto for several years, Rob had many new tricks up his sleeve. I learned that I can create multiple libraries in iPhoto, and how to view my photos in a full screen sequence. One of the nicest things about the presentation was being able to see Rob's photographs. He is a talented photographer and shared many interesting shots. It's nice to get to know him and he is a great addition to the technology team. I also am really enjoying getting to know the teachers from the other buildings and working with them. Such nice folks and talented teachers. The feedback was positive, and I'm looking forward to the next session.


I was introduced to Pandora a couple of years ago. I really like having the ability to create different stations to meet my mood, and to fine tune my choices with a thumb up or down. The Music Genome project is pretty impressive.
I would use Pandora more in the LC as ambient music, but Debbie has concerns about streaming and bandwidth, so I use it occasionally. Using music in the classroom is such an effective way to change the tone or draw attention to a topic.
We played mariachi music as a class entered the LC to kickoff a study of Mexico and it was great!