Friday, May 20, 2011

Department of Education withdraws federal support for school libraries

This is not how we are going to "Win the Future".

The 21st Century skills we are after for our students: critical evaluation of information, multiple literacies, comfort with technology on many levels, abilities to create and collaborate, are taught by School Librarians. We do books, but so much more. In conjunction with the technologist, the School Librarian is best suited for the role of technology integration specialist, an important role in supporting teachers.

In state after state, studies show schools with certified School Librarians have higher test scores. Yet the position is often the first on the cutting block. 'Cause you know, parent volunteers can check out books....

I am very sad about what is happening in California. The state of Massachusetts does not mandate a certified school librarian at the elementary level. They do in middle and high school. Why is that???? The foundation of all of these skills takes place in elementary school. Wait until high school and you have waited too long.
Imagine the impact if every school had a SL. For the students who are not read to at home, who can not access the internet, who don't fit in at school, who need someone to tap into their interests and light that spark ...

I am extremely lucky to work in a community that sees the value in a school librarian. My heart is with all of the school librarians who are finding themselves with no jobs.

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